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Specialising in project management and operational delivery for events and commercial sport.

Andy Wyatt

Each project or event is different, even when it may be a regular fixture. We have a wealth of experience at some of the largest events in the world including the Olympic Games, Rugby World Cup, Commonwealth Games, F1, Formula E, The Open, Ryder Cup and FIFA World Cup. With an extensive background in project management, operational planning and delivery and team leadership, all derived from these events as well as resort hotels around the world, and with a smattering of technical knowledge and understanding of systems and platforms, we have a unique range of expertise to solve your challenges.


Focussed on delivering great experiences.

A huge range of skills and knowledge are needed to put together any grand scale undertaking and that’s why we’re here, to support you in delivering your event. We don’t profess to know the rules of rugby or the intricacies of visual design, but we do know how to pull together the threads, engage stakeholders, work with a wide variety of people and cultures and to keep everything on track. Planned and executed with you.

  • Project Management

    Commercial sport events can be highly complex projects with a wide variety of workstreams to pull together at just the right time and in just the right place. Whether your needs are for whole project overview or a specific part of your event needs support, we can help. Stakeholder engagement, supplier management, risk management, temporary structures and even public health safety.

  • Operational Delivery

    The sharp edge of event delivery, every aspect has to be carefully planned, tested, adjusted and agreed and once operational, careful management and adaptability to inevitable problems are key to success. The guest journey, CCW delivery, team training and management, overlay, just a few aspects of a complex operation. You want your VIPs, guests, customers and of course the participants to experience an easy and enjoyable flow.

  • Health and Safety

    How many eyes roll when 'health and safety' is mentioned? But we all know it's an absolute critical aspect of any event. Without the tools and effort in place to mitigate dangers and protect all participants and spectators exciting and varied past times, for example boxing, motorsport, windsurfing and rugby, would be too dangerous to enjoy. Rather than putting blockers in the way of an event, properly managed and planning health and safety is an enabler. You want your event to be a success, and you want it to be safe.

  • Team Leadership

    There are any number of teams in a given event. From volunteers to hosts, from catering to security, and from cleaners to media relations. Some of these groups are naturally internal or already exist within the organisation but many are by their nature transient. With experience managing large and small teams we can help you bring together, train and motivate people to deliver the fantastic service you want your guests to experience.

Take a look...



London Olympics & Paralympics

Operations delivery and team management for the Lloyds sponsorship programme across the Olympics and Paralympics. Simply Scintillating.


Commonwealth Games - Glasgow

Planning, training and leadership of the 40+ team for both accomodation and venue hosting including transport support for a top level sponsor programme. A wonderful group.


Rugby World Cup

Delivery planning of extra-stadia hospitality at Twickenham and management of games time venue for up to ~740 private suite guests and 250 person restaurant per match. Rewarding.


Formula E

Spanning countries across the world and across two series, project management of the catering offer for Formula E VIP hospitality, teams, media and crew. Great travel.


Ryder Cup

Project managing the delivery of catering to circa 180,000 spectators in the main public village, 10,000 hospitality guests and the European Ryder Cup team. Challenging.


150th Open

Project managing Covid safety across both the 150th Open and AIG Women's Open golf championships. A departure!